Transportation of Radioactive Material (TRM)

The transport of radioactive material is an essential activity worldwide. Both safety and security during transport are matters of national and international importance. The transport of radioactive material embraces the carriage of radioisotopes for industrial, medical, and research uses, as well as the shipment of radioactive waste, and consignments of nuclear fuel cycle material.

We must be satisfied with the requirements that ensure safety and protect people, property, and the environment from harmful effects of ionizing radiation during the transport of radioactive material. This protection is achieved by requiring:

  • Containment of the radioactive contents.

  • Control of external dose rate.

  • Prevention of criticality.

  • Prevention of damage caused by heat.

    Our services

  1. Safe Transportation of the sealed radioactive sources

  2. Safe Transportation of the liquid radioactive sources

  3. Safe transportation of the naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM)

  4. Prepare needed documents to import and export of radioactive materials