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Training Services
Training Services
Training Services
Training Services
Training Services

Training Services

The following are examples of various services that SPSS offers. We are available to discuss any other services that may interest you and can tailor our services to meet your specific needs:
SPSS categorizes its services as summarized in the following areas:


RSO & RW Training Course

SPSS staff have great experience of more than 25 years in training individuals, coordinate courses and writing manuals in radiation safety and protection for industrial facilities applied man-made radiation sources in their services. Our training classes are customized to fit the various needs such as: Industrial Radiography (IR) technicians, different types of Radiation Safety Officers (RSOs) and Radiation Workers (RW) in different radiation practices.
SPSS gives you the opportunity to educate and train your employees, so they can become more skillful and up-to-date within your business areas ever increasing demands. We are among the earliest and largest educators for RSOs in Saudi Arabia and offer you the best and most experienced trainers.
SPSS offers in-house training or at company site courses. The length of each class depends on the topic(s) chosen and may last from 8 to 40 hours.

NORM Training

Radiation Pioneers for Trading Company offers a specialized training for individuals who are working in facilities which they deal with Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) directly or indirectly. Below modules are customized to fit each category needs

Module 1: NORM Workers
Module 2: NORM Surveyors
Module 3: NORM Supervisors
Module 4: NORM Safety Officers

Course Topics

• Review of Basic Mathematics and Physics

• Atomic and Nuclear Structure

• Radioactivity

• Radioactive Decay

• Interactions of Charged Particleswith Matter

• Interactions of P hotons with Matter

• Interactions of Neutrons with Matter

• Radiation Sources (Natural and Man-Made)

• Dose Quantities and Units

• Radiation Exposures and Dose Limits

• Dose Calculations formExternal& Internal Radiation

• Radiation Shielding

• Radiation Detectors

• Radiation Surveys