Nuclear Gauges (NG)

Gamma Scan

SPSS can identify problems in your process that other scanning techniques can't provide.  Gamma Scanning is one of the most effective none-invasive methods for diagnosing and solving production issues. integrating SPSS into your maintenance plan is the best preventative measure you can take. 


SPSS Gamma Scanning services can detect issues in both trayed towers as well as packed towers. These scans provide analysis that can be used to combat a wide range of problems in real time.

Columns with traysPacked columns
  • The position of production bottlenecks

  • The location of trays that are displaced or have taken damage

  • The amount and spread of entrainment, flooding, weeping, or foaming

  • The accumulation levels of liquid at the base of the tower

  • The density and extent of aerated liquid

  • If damage has occurred with the beds

  • Whether all of the packed beds are in position

  • Any settling of the packing

  • Whether demister pads and distributors are at their required locations

  • Whether beds have experienced fouling or liquid holdup

  • If there are major issues in the liquid-vapor distribution

  • Accurate readings for liquids on chimney and collector trays

The data we provide can be used to understand the vessel's operation in real time, as well as the condition of individual internal components all in an environmentally friendly way.

 Pipe Scanning
the Pipe Scan measure density variations within the piping using the same radiation transmission theory as the Gamma Scan. To find and measure the depth of deposits or  sediments, the Pipes are scanned. With the use of the service, above-ground pipes may be quickly examined for blockages and deposits.

A pipe Scan is an excellent way to examine the distribution of radioactive in a pipe. The density, thickness, and volume of the deposit can be calculated using the information that is gathered by the scanner. A pipe scan's frame can be rotated to get information on any deposits in the pipe 


To find various deposits or flow regimes, SPSS can perform pipe scanning on a variety of different types of piping. Among the more popular piping types scanned are:

  • flare headers

  • slug catchers

  • FCC standpipes and risers

  • vent lines

  • bitumen pipelines

  • produced water lines

  • polymer lines

  • subsea pipelines

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