Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)

Radiation Pioneers for Trading Company (SPSS) is a full-service environmental management company that provides strategic consulting services specializing in the areas of Naturally Occurring RadioactiveMaterials (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced Naturally OccurringRadioactive Materials (TENORM). TENORM is a type of nuclear waste in which radioactivity is accelerated by radium accumulation in pits, water, etc. When radium (Ra226) is dissolved and carried to the surface by produced water, it builds up in oil and gas waste. Scale sludge contains a concentrated amount of radium when it precipitates.

Our NORM certified experts can assess potential contaminant sources, present remediation options, help with NORM storage and disposal, and more. SPSS believes involving the client in the process of creating a strategy to address their environmental problems is crucial.

When completing any environmental task, SPSS prioritizes its clients' needs for safety, cost, risk, and community relations. For the management of NORM and TENORM in manufacturing, municipal, and oil and gas operations, SPSS provides customized solutions.

Some of our NORM Services:

  • NORM Survey and NORM Risk Assessment.

  • NORM Radiation External Dose Rate Monitoring.

  • NORM Internal Dose Control.

  • NORM Decontamination Service.

  • NORM Remediation.

  • NORM Waste Management.

  • NORM Waste Containment.

  • NORM Waste Transportation.

  • Radioactive Waste Transportation.

  • NORM Site Assessments- Radiological Surveys, Sampling and Characterization.

  • NORM Work Plan Development and Implementation.

  • NORM Handling.

  • NORM Training

    Other Services:

  1. 1)  Screening or Confirmatory Survey (General)

  2. 2)  Open Equipment or Recovered Downhole Equipment Survey

  3. 3)  Loose Contamination or Land Survey Radiation surveying types

  4. 4)  Surplus Equipment Survey

  5. 5)  Third Party Equipment or Facility Survey

  6. 6)  Employee Frisking Survey

    Basic objectives of NORM surveying

  • Safety.

  • Reduce occupational exposure to workers.

  • Assure implementation and enforcement of basic safety code of

  • Practice compatible with regulations in KSA

  • Draw the attention of competent authority to the expected future

  • Danger of NORM.

NORM surveying servicesNORM Decontamination ServiceNorm Training

The process of determining whetherNORM are present at a site is knownas NORM surveying.

  • Surveyors will carry out a site- wide investigation if theradiation's source is unclear,which may involve looking atwellheads, tank storage areas,pipelines, and other locations.

  • The next step is to create a planfor decontaminating the siteand potentially disposing ofaffected materials if NORM ispresent at levels that requireremediation. 

Potential Industrial NORM Areaswhere NORM DecontaminationService are required are:

  • De-scaling Remediation.

  • Slick line.

  • Drilling.

  • Shutdown.

  • Well fishing.

  • Oil well Maintenance.

  • Other oil and gas operations. 

SPSS conduct a customizedNORM safety training for all levelof employees dealing withNORM:

  • Module 1:

    NORM Workers

  • Module 2:

    Norm Surveyors

  • Module 3:

    NORM Supervisors

  • Module 4:

    NORM Safety Officers 

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