Radiation Protection Services (RPS)

  1. Radiation Survey Services:

    This service is a basic requirement from the Nuclear and RadiologicalRegulatory Commission (NRRC), requesting a radiation survey service for the licensed authorities, and this includes practices for nuclear gauges or well-logging, in addition to NDT. SPSS provides these services as a third party, and the most important clients we offer this service to are: Aramco,SABIC, Sadara and TASNEE.

    Consulting Services:

    Consulting services are provided in line with the company's requirements.Whether it is consultations related to regulatory aspects with the NRRC, such as: renewing licenses, amending the license, or even issuing a new license. Or technical consultations, such as modifying the store of radioactive sources or shielding calculations, etc,.

    Leak Tests Services:

    A service that requires a license from the NRRC. It is a service whereby a sample is taken from a radioactive source or from a specific place where contamination occurred, and this sample is examined in the laboratory in the company. The customer is provided with a report on the sample test results. This service is provided to many companies such as Aramco, Sadara, SABIC, etc,.

    TLDs Reading and Calibration Services:

    There are services that we provide as a third party, which are reading radiation doses from TLDs, and calibration services.